Your Face is Your Password

Facial recognition, Biometric, PIN, Pattern and more

Multiple authentication options allow for more choices. F3 builds on the previous security options like passwords, pin, pattern etc. by including Facial recognition and Fingerprint sensor. The facial recognition is easy and simple to setup. The biometric sensor is on the back, so no more smudges on your screen. Security and ease like never before.

Multiple User Profiles

with Dual SIM, freedom like none other

F3 offers dual-SIM unlocked LTE for all major GSM carriers. Multi-user profile allows you to configure the same phone as business and personal phone. Keep your data secure and your personal information away from unwanted eyes with Figgers® F3 multi-user profile feature. Use two active numbers with F3 dual-SIM capability. The F3 facial recognition and fingerprint scanner makes securing access to user profiles and apps a breeze.

No Boundaries. No Fear.

Water and Impact Resistant

At Figgers® we take pride in using the most durable and state of the art materials to create stylish and long-lasting products built for every day adventures. The F3 is built to resist hard falls and Figgers® Nano-coating technology for water resistance. Go anywhere and have no fear.

A True Global Phone

Use Anywhere and On Any Carrier Across The World

Experience true global freedom with the F3’s revolutionizing multiple Lte Band capability. Never switch phones again. The F3 comes equipped with a cutting-edge antenna that works with all Global Bands on all Lte networks. This allows you to take your phone nearly anywhere in the world and use it with any mobile carrier.

Your Everyday Device

Empowering Personal, Family and Business life

Different features of F3 come together to enrich all aspects of your life. Talk or type to plan your day, set reminders, listen to music or get answers with Google Assistant. You can even control your compatible smart home devices. The dual cinematic cameras will capture the precious moments and the Figger® life apps add to personal health and fitness. F3 is a total package for your everyday life.

5G Ready

Next Gen Tech... Today

Born Ready. Only the 1TB F3 comes equipped globally 5G-ready phone with the ability to connect and provide approx. 10x faster data transfers than other 4G phones. This means a much smoother experience from online gaming, streaming movies to live official video conference calls etc., all without having to use wifi.

Explore Every Detail

Cinematic Dual 16 Megapixel Cameras

Capture your world like never before with the F3’s Dual 16 Megapixel Cameras with 8 megapixel optical zoom. Create stunning portrait photographs through natural layering. F3 will pleasure your senses by capturing each photograph in profound clarity and intricate detail. Every captured memory has rich details conveying a compelling story all on its own.

Figgers® Life Apps

Live life to the fullest Enjoy a full suite of Figgers® proprietary health apps.

Octa-core 2.3 GHz Processor

All Your Power & Storage Needs

The most advanced processor from Figgers® yet. The 8-Processor cores artificial intelligent chipset is blazing fast. Get more out of your F3 usage without draining the battery. With 6GB of RAM all your mobile apps will run much faster and can be loaded multiple apps at once without any loss of performance.

Unlimited Photos. Unlimited Storage

All your memories preserved forever. Never fear of losing your cherished memories. Enjoy life to the fullest and capture all the best memories without ever running out of storage space.

Free Figgers® F-Buds

The Elevated Bundle.

For a Limited time, get the free F-Buds headphones with every F3 order. Enjoy Sound Without Boundaries with the new wireless F-Buds. Forget everything you thought you knew about how wireless headphone should look and feel. Figgers® is changing the game with bold design, a sleek fit, and music you can feel.

F-Buds Feature: Bluetooth Technology, Water Resistance, industry leading 50 Hours of Talk time, Voice Command, Wireless Charging, Intuitive Controls, and Charging Case. Click here for more about the Figgers® F-Buds.

Intelligent Battery All Day and Night

Keeping You In The Game Longer

Our latest AI based performance and app monitoring system optimizes the battery usage. We know each user is unique and our AI develops your unique profile, ensuring your most used apps always have enough power. Get more out of your F3 usage without draining the battery.

Adapts To Your Style.

Adaptive Battery… Adaptive Brightness

With custom latest Android 9 the F3 learns from your lifestyle and usage. The battery usage is adjusted so your most used apps always have the needed power. Moving outdoors and indoors or from bright light to darker environment, the F3 has you covered. The brightness is automatically adjusted. The more F3 is used the more it learns and adapts for you

Figgers® Protect

Figgers Premium Device Protection

Our most comprehensive protection for your device. Because accidents happen, for as low as a few bucks a month you get Figgers® professional services and peace of mind to cover your new or BYOD device.

Background Image

6.2 inches

High Definition Screen

16 Megapixel

Dual Cinematic Cameras

Android 9.0 Pie

Latest Operating System

Impact & Water Resistant

Nano Coating Technology

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