Figgers Wireless WiFi Anywhere

Thank you for choosing Figgers Wireless as your high-speed internet service provider. The Figgers MiFi Hotspot is backed with Figgers Wireless’ unlimited data plans, giving the freedom to take this hotspot device with you, every where you go, nationwide. If you have any questions regarding the Figgers MiFi Hotspot, feel free to contact our customer service team at or call us at toll-free number 1-800-223-5435.

Switching On

  1. Before switching on, please open the back and confirm that the SIM card is present.
  2. Connect the power cable to the micro-USB port, shown below. This ensures your device has enough charge when you start using it.
  3. Press and hold the power button for three (3) seconds, until the power light turns on.

Switching Off

Press and hold the power button for approximately five (5) seconds, until all lights turn off.

Connecting to your Figgers MiFi

  1. Once device is switched on, you will find the “Figgers Wireless” network in your list of available networks.
    1. The exact number will be different for each device.
  2. Choose this network, and use passcode 1234567890.
    1. This default wireless name and passcode can be changed from settings.
  3. Now you are connected and can start using the device

Securing and Customizing Your Figgers MiFi

  1. Confirm that device is switched on and you are connected to Figgers MiFi
  2. Open a browser and input It will display the login screen, as shown below
  3. Use “admin” as user name and “admin” as password. Press login and it will take you to management interface. It shows the current users using your Figgers MiFi device.
  4. In the left side menu, choose “Settings” and then “Wi-Fi Settings” under it. It will show options like below
  5. Please change the Pass Phrase to your own. This will ensure only you have the passcode to your device.

Light/LED Indicator Guide

Figgers MiFi makes it easier to identify the status of your device by LED color codes. There are separate LED lights for Power, Wi-Fi and Network Signal strength.


The left most LED indicates the power. The following guide will help understand what power light color means for the device.

Purple Fully Charged (more than 95%)
Red Charge less than 25%
Blue Charge between 25% and 95%
Blue – flashing Charging
Off Device is off or in sleep mode


The center LED light indicates the Wi-Fi status. The following quick guide can help understand the Wi-Fi status.

Blue Wi-Fi is switched on, device can connect.
Off Wi-Fi is off, device is not available.

Network Signal

The right most light indicates your network strength. Figgers MiFi device automatically adjusts to the best available network. The bars on indicate the signal strength.

For best experience, kindly place device where Network is strongest.

Network light color
Red Stable light No SIM Card
Flashing Searching Network
Green Stable light 4G LTE Network connected
Flashing 4G LTE Network Not connected
Yellow Stable light GSM/EDGE network connected
Flashing GSM/EDGE Not connected
Blue Stable light HSPA+ network connected.
Flashing HSPA+ network Not connected.
Purple Stable light EVDO network connected
Flashing EVDO network Not connected.