Trigger Warning with Killer Mike season 1 premiere recap: Living Blackiere recap: Living Black

May 25, 2019

Episode 1 of Trigger Warning with Killer Mike finds Mike trying to buy “totally black” for three days in Athens, Georgia. Can he do it?

Note: Because Trigger Warning with Killer Mike is implied to be controversial, I will conveniently rate each Netflix episode’s level of controversy at the end.]

As one might guess, Trigger Warning with Killer Mike stars Killer Mike (real name Michael Render), a Grammy-winning rapper, activist and business owner. The basic premise of the show is to examine issues involving the black community.

For his first episode, Mike is interested in seeing whether or not he can live exclusively off of black-owned businesses and products for three days. In the process, we get to learn about some specific businesses. He argues that, while segregation was bad, it kept more money in the black neighborhoods.

So, basically, this is an experiment to see how well he can “live black” in today’s America. It’s a bit tough, as he’ll need to research every bit of food, shelter, transportation and entertainment he engages with.

According to Killer Mike, he can’t smoke pot because he can’t find any grown by black people. He apparently also has to walk or bike because his own cars are white-owned companies. He consults Shareef Abdul Malik, founder, about his predicament.

For cellphone usage, Mike learns about the “Figger phone,” from Figgers Communication (whose founder, Freddie Figgers, is black). Then Mike gets a bike from Shawn Deangelo Walton, CEO and founder of WeCycle Atlanta, where kids do community service in exchange for bikes.

Perhaps the most controversial moment is when Mike attends the Blue Flame strip club, where he tells an Asian-American dancer that he can’t accept her offer of a lap dance because he’s only supporting black business for three days.

Obviously, this segment might not go over so well, but it is in line with the experiment. Basically, if you can do fine with this moment, you’ll find the rest of the episode pretty uncontroversial.

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